Vilmart & Cie Champagne Premier Cru Coeur de Cuvée 2012

96+ Wine Advocate | 96 Vinous

"Its straw-yellow colour is accompanied with a fine persistent mousse crowning the disc with a fine and harmonious cord. On the nose, the first aromas of hazelnut and brioche awake the senses. After a few moments, with much of delicacy, subtle notes of vanilla and dried fruit are married with more subtle lemony flavors. The nose is both elegant and powerful, which indicates a wine of great complexity and a beautiful harmony. Once in your mouth, aromas of butter, "crème brûlée" and spices (white pepper) blossom awaken taste buds. It is a gourmand and generous wine with an exceptional freshness. After several minutes of tasting, the complexity and the scarcity of this wine give us an explosion of flavors in the mouth, a real aromatic symphony.

Such an incredible personality for this Champagne! This vivacious wine lets your mind wander from bubbles to aromas, that may open our heart." -Champagne Vilmart & Cie


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“Vilmart & Cie. traces its history back to 1890, when it was founded by Désiré Vilmart, and from the beginning, Vilmart & Cie. has always been a récoltant-manipulant, making champagne exclusively from estate-owned vines. Since 1989 the estate has been in the hands of Laurent Champs, the fifth generation of the family to take the helm of the house.
Country: France

Region: Montagne de Reims, Champagne

Varieties: 80% Chardonnay, 20% Pinot Noir

Farming and Terroir: Rilly-la-Montagne 1er Cru Vineyard; 60-year-old vines; sélection massale (replanting using cuttings from exceptional old vines); Limestone Soils

Winemaking: Aged 10 months in 225 Liter, oak barrels and 70 months sur latte (layed down in the bottle); no malolactic fermentation; 7 grams/liter dosage

"The majority of Vilmart’s 11 hectares of vines lie in Rilly-la-Montagne, although there are a few plots just over the border in the neighboring village of Villers-Allerand. Vilmart is a member of Ampelos, an organization that promotes organic and sustainable viticulture, and Champs has never used any herbicides or chemical fertilizers since taking over the estate. All of the vineyards are planted with cover crops and plowed, and Champs enjoys an additional advantage in that his parcels are relatively large-only 12 different parcels over 11 hectares-meaning that he is more protected from contamination by chemical treatments in neighboring plots.

Vilmart & Cie. is not only one of the greatest grower-estates in Champagne, but one of the finest champagne producers of any type in the region.” -Peter Liem,


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