Neversink Spirits Apple Pommeau Aperitif

An Apple Apéritif made in Port Chester, NY, in the style of Pommeau de Normandie. Made from a blend of Neversink’s house-distilled aged apple brandy and freshly pressed bittersweet apples. Once blended, the aperitif is aged for 18 months in 60-gallon French oak casks that previously held white wine. Bright and pleasant acidity greets you on the palate with clove, sage, and celery root. The finish offers echoing waves of fresh apple skin and stewed apples with notes of ginger. This complex spirit is delicious sipped neat (Serve slightly chilled) 21.75% ABV. Once opened, refrigerate and ideally serve within 3-6 months; the spirit won’t spoil, it will simply begin to oxidize and lean towards its deeper flavors. It is not a liqueur. No sugar was added to the spirit. The only sweetness in the spirit is derived from the natural sugar content of the fresh apple juice added to the brandy.



Neversink is a small producer of spirits made from New York State fruit and sometimes grain. They specialize in making unique fruit brandies from apples and pears as well as a Gin from New York State apples. This particular "Pommeau" is incredible and a standout in their portfolio that really impressed us! Perfect with a slight chill after dinner or paired with foie gras, rich pâtes, apple desserts, ripe melons or mousse.


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