Michel Guignier Beaujolais 2019

91 John Gilman – 91 James Suckling

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91 Points, John Gilman View from the Cellar – “This is great Beaujolais!”

This wine reflects everything we LOVE about our job here at Cree Wine Company – finding a deliciously affordable wine that tastes like wines selling for 2-3 times the price! This terrific value from Michel Guignier carries the simple “Beaujolais” AOC on its label, but the key to why this is such an overachiever lies partly in the terroir where this wine is grown, and the balance in the artisanship of this 4th generation winemaker. Why is this so unbelievably delicious for the price? Read on.…..or just click “buy” now and taste for yourself! In stock now and ready for pickup today, tomorrow or Sunday!

91 Points, John Gilman – “The Beaujolais bottling from Michel Guignier hails primarily from vineyards around Morgon, so they are in the northern half of the region and did not have to face depredation from the hailstorms that rolled across the southern half of Beaujolais in 2019. The vines here are forty years of age and the 2019 version offers up a fine bouquet of black cherries, sweet cranberries, dark soil tones, bonfire, a bit of spit-roasted gamebird and a gentle topnote of lavender. On the palate the wine is bright, full-bodied and sappy at the core, with fine transparency and grip, modest tannin and a long, tangy and complex finish. This is outstanding Beaujolais! 2020-2030.”

The Beaujolais region spans from just south of the Macon almost south to Lyon, and comprises three large AOCs – Beaujolais, Beaujolais Villages, and ten Cru Villages. Lighter sandier soils to the southern Beaujolais region produce light and fruity, simple wines from the Gamay grape. But as you move into the hills in the north in the Villages AOC the wines become a bit fuller and deeper, culminating in the very best sites in the Cru Villages where the soils shift to decomposed granite and crumbly schist, and rolling hills give way to much larger, steeper, well-drained, sun-exposed slopes. This is where the Gamay grape truly shines.

This wine, hand crafted by rising star carries the “Beaujolais” AOC, but actually comes from 40 year old vines in the Morgon Cru, one of the best of the ten Cru Villages. Today, top Morgon will run you anywhere from about $20 up to $40 or more for the best growers, and indeed, Michel does make a Morgon that sells for a lot more – and is excellent! But the true value at this Domain is the Beaujolais on offer today!

The inspiration for his winemaking and farming philosophy stems for the famed “Gang of Four” in Morgon, growers who never gave in to the cheap and cheerful Nouveau craze, and remained convinced that through natural and sustainable farming, low yields, and non-interventional winemaking the Gamay grape could create world class wines. Michel is in the process of slowly converting his estate to full organic certification, though has been composting and sowing grasses, herbs and wildflowers between rows for many years.

Vinification is traditional, with no de-stemming and with only native yeasts used for the fermentation. The wines are macerated for 6-7 days for the Beaujolais and up to 14-15 days for his top Morgons, that makes this wine more approachable at a younger age. He uses a vertical wooden press that slowly and gently presses the grapes. Guignier uses minimal doses of S02, though he prefers to add it after the malolactic rather than at bottling as he feels it integrates better into the wine.


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