Maison Foucher Lebrun Sauvignon Petit Le Mont 2021

If you love the crisp, racy, mineral focus of great Sancerre you have no doubt notice the steady creep upwards in price as its popularity has exploded over the last few years. At the same time this expansion has ushered in an ocean of Sancerre that, politely said, is lacking the key elements that make true Sancerre so uniquely delicious. So if Sancerre disappears as fast at your house as it does at mine, the price presents a problem!

Today we have the solution! Foucher’s Petit Mont (little hill) is an affordable alternative that offers much of the classic mineral laden focus and citrus intensity of many Sancerres selling for twice the price and more.

Sourced from organic certified grapes grown on the Touraine border, this lip smacking cuvee is the baby brother to Foucher’s Sancerre LeMont. I have worked with this winery for years precisely because of the value all of their wine represent.



Country: France
Region: Loire
Variety: Sauvignon Blanc
Terroir: multiple parcels, varied exposure/soils
Winemaking: certified organic; fermented in stainless steel; aged in tank

Located 30 kilometers northeast of Sancerre in the village of Aligny-Cosne, Maison Foucher is a “Petit Négociant” with a mission to craft classic expressions of Loire Valley appellations at exceptional values. The estate was founded in 1921 by Paul Lebrun, a cooper by trade, who developed his company servicing a clientele made up of restaurants and cafés in the Loire Valley and Paris. During the 1950s, Paul’s son-in-law Raymond Foucher took the reins and then in 1985 passed the baton to his son, Jacky Foucher.

In late 2009, with the aim of raising the company’s image and developing overseas business, the Foucher family brought on Jean Mounard as a new partner to pave the road ahead. Jean spent many years at the helm of a fine and rare wine brokerage business in Paris, specializing in iconic estates such as DRC, Mouton-Rothchild and Leflaive. His first order of business was to pioneer the production of small batch wines from selected plots in Sancerre, Pouilly-Fumé and Saumur-Champigny, some of which are now farmed organically. Given his deep experience tasting the great wines of the world as well as his many contacts among top producers in the Loire, Jean has been able to establish strong relationships with growers and significantly elevate the quality of the wines.



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