Macurichos Arroqueno Mezcal Ancestral

The nose is soft and alluring, with aromas of caramel and lemon yogurt; the palate is rich and textured, with tons of vanilla and cream, butterscotch and soft cheese; there is a long finish with the vanilla cream lingering amid delicate smoke.

Mezcal Macurichos is dedicated to the protection of both the cultural tradition and the agricultural heritage of agave within the iconic mezcal production community of Santiago Matatlán. With a strong focus on community, the family employs numerous neighbors and is one of only a handful of distillers in the area who still produce using ancestral methods, including clay pot stills.



  • Produced by Maestro Mezcalero, Gonzalo Martinez, in Santiago Matatlán, Oaxaca
  • Made from 100% Arroqueño (Agave americana) matured between 8-20 years
  • Agave is cooked in an earthen oven, milled using traditional stone tahona mill, then fermented in wood vats
  • Distilled using a traditional clay pot still
  • 52.13% ABV


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