Louis Roque La Vieille Prune Brandy

A long tradition in Gascony, plum brandy is distilled in the Armagnac method then aged for 3-4 years in Limousine oak. Boisterous fruit and esters burst off the nose with vibrant oxidation and notes of rich, nutty marzipan from the plum pits. The palate is deep and oaky, full of raisins and-you guessed it-prunes. Curious and delicious! A gem for all spirit geeks. 42% ABV

Since the late nineteenth century, the members of the Roque family have carried on, from father to son, the tradition of distilling. In 1905, Louis, the third of five generations, decided to start his own distillery in Souillac on the site of an ancient convent. Souillac is in the heart of the Quercy, not far from the Cahors wine appellation, an area rich in gastronomic delights such as black truffles, walnuts, and plums. Louis Roque became the local specialist of plum brandy. He kept his production in oak casks where the spirit aged slowly, under his close supervision. In 1995, the company, now under the direction of the fifth generation, built new aging cellars in Souillac, and the name Louis Roque is firmly established as the highest standard in this sublime and undersung spirit category.


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