La Medida Coyote Mezcal Artesanal

This mezcal is elegant, herbaceous, fruity, and hard to put down, expressing strawberry seeds, fresh linen, coriander, pink peppercorn, and guava. It has incredible texture, impressing Chris and I with it’s soft mouthfeel and complex flavors. A true gem, hard to find and brand new on the market. Highly Recommended. -Tom Anderer GM & Spirits Director



Maestra Mezcalero Berta Vasquez

  • Produced in San Baltazar Chichicapam, Oaxaca
  • 100% Coyote (Agave lyobaa)
  • Cooked in an earthen oven and milled by tahona
  • Open-air fermented
  • Distilled twice in a copper pot still
  • 47% ABV

The unusual term Coyote can refer to several species and subspecies of agave across Mexico. In this instance, it refers to a recently classified hybrid variety: the result of cross-pollination in the wild between Agave karwinskii and Agave potatorum. Whatever mystic jam session brought these two together, we are forever grateful. This mezcal is a tribute to both the newly minted species and to the skill of its distiller.


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