J&J McConnell's Irish Whisky



J&J McConnell’s Irish Whisky

A Legend Returns with an
Incredible Bargain Irish!

Open To Taste Wednesday through Sunday!

$35.99 SRP
$29.98 On Sale
By Law, Spirits orders are for pickup
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It’s a Spirits Day at Cree Wine Company! Introducing the oldest standing whisky brand in Ireland: J & J McConnell’s. Originating in 1776, the McConnell family spent 154 years producing one of the most famous Irish whiskeys of the time but they experienced several setbacks, including a devastating fire in 1909, prohibition in the US, World War Two, eventually forced them to close the doors of its Belfast-based distillery in 1958.

There has been much lore about McConnell’s, living on only as a memory and a legendary whisky from another time. Memorabilia still adorned the walls of pubs across Ireland, and occasionally a bottle would sell at auction – for an enormous sum. But for all intents and purposes, McConnell’s was gone, and the world had lost one of its great spirits.

But now it has been brought back by Conecuh Brands, who is working with Great Northern Distillery to recreate the whiskey while a new distillery is being built in the historic Crumlin Road Jail, in Belfast, Ireland.

Today’s offer, the J&J McConnell’s Irish Whisky, is aged 5 years in American oak barrels that have previously held bourbon, adding a delicate sweetness and notes of honey, vanilla, and a delightful biscuity note. It’s a blend of malted barley and grain, silky smooth, with lovely mouthfeel and texture, floral top notes, and a fine, balanced finish, it’s a tad drier than some of the big brands. A perfect winter sipper by the fire, priced reasonably enough to make an Irish Whisky, we highly recommended it as one of the best spirit values we offer!


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