Henriques & Henriques Madeira Boal 1997

Incredible & rare, this Madeira blew my mind! Boal is a category in Madeira, as well as the name of the varietal & this particular bottling has beautiful, sweet, dark, roasted fruit with hints of caramel, tobacco, tangy overripe stone fruit and a hint of spice on the finish. I sat and tasted through several Boal Madeiras, and this was by far the best one! Pair with any chocolate or caramel-based desserts or perfect on its own after a big meal. Only a few bottles available & then it is gone. A rare and special bottle. -Tom Anderer GM & Spirits Director

"This pleasant semi-sweet Madeira has notes of caramel, dried fruit and tobacco. Very fresh due to its well balanced acidity, it has a long and persistent finish that offers the greatest satisfaction." – Henriques & Henriques



It might be said that the history of Henriques & Henriques is the history of Madeira itself. Legend has it that Infante Dom Henriques planted the island’s first vines in 1425. These vines gave fruit to one of the “first families of Madeira” and in the process sunk deep roots which Henriques’ descendants and successors continue to draw upon in guiding H&H today.

João Joaquim Gonçalves Henriques founded the firm in 1850 as a partidista, supplying wine to other merchants from extensive Henriques vineyard holdings while continuing to amass significant stocks of old wines in the family cellars. In 1925, Henriques & Henriques began to bottle and export Madeira produced entirely from their own vineyards-an anomaly amongst producers on the island. Today, Henriques & Henriques is led by CEO and winemaker Humberto Jardim, one of Madeira’s great visionaries and ambassadors. The firm continues to source some of its needs from its own vineyards, most notably from a terraced, 10-hectare vineyard at Quinta Grande-the single largest on island, replanted in 1995.

Against the tides of urban development, H&H have been in the forefront of vineyard planting and preservation of Madeira’s noble varieties: Sercial, Verdelho, Boal, Malvasia and Terrantez, while simultaneously playing a key role in the reappraisal of the underrated Tinta Negra, recently releasing an unprecedented 50-year expression. Likewise, H&H’s age-statement varietal wines are widely regarded as benchmark articulations: always 100% of the stated varietal (e.g., Verdelho), the blend always composed of stocks well in excess of the statement requirement (e.g., 15-year).


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