Hans Reisetbauer Hazelut Eau-de-Vie

Hans called on dear friend and respected winemaker, Angelo Gaja, who happened to know growers of the most fantastic hazelnuts on the planet. This bottling is not technically an eau-de-vie; the base of this rich spirit is estate-grown Mulan winter wheat, as hazelnuts do not have the sugar content needed for fermentation. The hazelnuts are macerated in the base spirit, yielding an opulent, sweet-and-savory aroma, with a deceptively dry finish.



In 1990 Hans Reisetbauer planted his first apple orchard of 1.5 hectares in Kirchdorfergut and on September 16, 1994 Christian Carl of Goppingen built a still from plans designed by Hans himself. Quickly Hans gained notoriety in 1995 by winning “Schnapps of the year” at the Destillata specialist trade fair. Reisetbauer was named “Master Distiller of the Year” by the Austrian gourmet guide A la Carte in ’04, ’07, ’08 and ’09, and he won the Falstaff’s “Spirits Trophy Award” in 2010.


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