Gérard Boulay Sancerre Monts Damnés 2019



Country: France

Region: Loire Valley, Sancerre

Variety: Sauvignon Blanc

Terroir: South-facing; Kimmeridgian Clay or "terre blanche" (similar to the soils of Chablis)

Winemaking: All grapes are harvested by hand; Natural yeast fermentation in the barrel; Aged on the lees in a combination of barrel and tank then bottled unfiltered; Organic practicing

"The Boulay family have nine hectares in the famed Sancerre village of Chavignol, and can trace their history as grape growers in the village back to 1380.

Of the 9ha owned by Gerard Boulay, 8 of the hectares are on the slopes of Chavignol on Kimmeridgian or “terre blanche” soils (similar to the soils in Chablis), which he works manually and has farmed organically since 1990. The youngest vines at the domaine were planted by Mr. Boulay in 1972 and the average vine age is approximately 45 years old. The wines ferment naturally in tank and with the exception of the Chavignol tradition which is also aged in tank, the parcellaire wines are aged in in a mix of Foudres and used 300L barrels. Gerard adds no yeast and little to no SO2 during vinfication. He describes his role as one of “surveillance” to make sure nothing goes wrong. In general he works by instinct, “au feeling” because he wants to “let the wine live” and tries not to interfere with the natural process. “C’est la nature qui fait le vin” (Nature makes the wine).

Boulay began farming the steeply sloped Mont Damnés vineyard in 1982. His plot has an average vine age of 45 years. Mont Damnés’ reflective soils and south-facing exposition make it one of Chavi­gnol’s warmest sites." Polaner Selections


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