Emmanuel Camut Ambrosia Pommeau

Aperitif made in the style of Pommeau de Normandie from 100% apples from the Pays d’Auge (a sub-appellation in Calvados). Apple must (unfermented apple juice) is boiled overnight to concentrate sugar, sometimes reducing it by more than half; the must is then combined with 4-year-old Calvados. Darker than a regular Pommeau, notes of preserved apple, vanilla and aged balsamic vinegar enticingly introduce a palate of baking spice and custard pastry with pleasant, fresh apple cider tannin on the finish. This aperitif leans towards a dessert wine. Traditional Pommeau de Normandie derives from a protected appellation. Though the Camut family is known for its exceptional Pays d’Auge distillates, their property has never had enough stone in the soil to qualify for Pommeau de Normandie status. Instead, Camut has always released this low-ABV style as an ‘Aperitif Normand’.


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