Dudognon 5 Year Old Selection Grande Champagne Cognac

This 5 year old Cognac offers pleasing aromas of green apple, yellow pear, light caramel and spice. While light in body, this Cognac has a higher ABV of 44%, giving it a bit more roundness and richness on the palate for such a young age statement. This really Impressed Chris and I very much & it comes Highly Recommended!



The Dudognon family has produced Cognac since 1776. Located in Lignieres-Sonneville, a small village about 11 miles southeast of the town Cognac in the heart of the famed Grande Champagne zone, the family makes spirits from 100% old-vine Ugni Blanc grown on deep, Campanian chalky soils. Everything is family-run at Dudognon: the grapes are harvested by the family, the wine is made in their small chai, and Claudine Dudognon, along with her husband Gerald, do all the distillation themselves. Even the staves to the barrels are air-dried on their property.


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