Domaine Fabrice Gasnier La Cravantine 2019

This deliciously refreshing Chinon Rosé from Domaine Gasnier, a small family estate tucked into the heart of the Chinon in the village of Cravant-les-Coteaux. Gasnier biodynamically farms 24 hectares of mostly Cabernet Franc with a smattering of Chenin Blanc for his whites, producing classic reds, a tiny bit of white, and this terrific sparkler. I have been selling his wines for decades, and they are always a super value, delivering classical wines that truly reflect the terroir of his domain.

He uses the ancient labor-intensive method ancienne to craft the La Cravantine. This practice, just for the record, was abandoned in Champagne 250 years ago because it was too time and labor intensive, but Gasnier continues to employ it for this fantastic rosé sparkler.



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