Domaine de Terrebrune Bandol Rose 2020

The heavy hitters of this year’s crop of superb dry French rosé are just arriving now, and after tasting this newest release odds are that the Terrebrune 2020 will be the standout “best rosé of the vintage” when it’s all said and done. After working with this property for almost two decades, this may be one of my all-time favorite Terrebrune rosés ever. I have visited the winery multiple times, and and enjoyedmany a memoerable meal with owner and winemaker Reynaud Delille both here in the US and at the winery. I have tasted multiple vintages, including reds AND rosé going back decades – they are amazing wines and incredibly ageworthy! If there were “Grand Crus” for rosé, the best vineyards in the Bandol region would certainly be among the top contenders, and Terrebrune would be in the top three. 

Terrebrune rosé, as good as it is young, is often even better after a year or two, a feat not many upstart rosés can claim – if any! Most are past their drink date by the time the first whiff of fall is in the air, relegated to the close out bin shortly after Labor Day. The fact that it is superb all on its own or with just about anything (other than steaks on the grill and the like) and you can see why this is a must-have wine.



Country: France
Region: Provence, Bandol
Variety: 50% Mourvèdre, 25% Grenache, 25% Cinsault
Terroir: Limestone pebbles in brown clay, blue limestone bedrock, marl
Winemaking: 10 years average vine age; hand-harvested; selection takes place in the vineyards; de-stemmed and then pressed gently by pneumatic press; indigenous yeasts; underground, temperature-controlled, gravity-fed cuves; unfined and unfiltered; slow fermentation at low temperatures; malolactic fermentation; aged 6-8 months in barrel; organic practicing


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