Domaine de la Janasse Mediterranee Rose 2021

On Sale: $18.99 – $16.99 on six or more

What do a six time perfect 100 Point Châteaunef du Pape and a $19 rosé have in common? The the Sabon family of Domaine de la Janaasse make both of them!

When looking for value, the first place I go is to great winemakers who are best in class, and look for their least expensive wines. They simply aren’t putting their name on the bottle if it isn’t a great wine, even if it is under $20.

The 2021 Janasse Mediterranee Rosé is a perfect example. It’s a blend of 70% Grenache, 30% Syrah, organically farmed, without pesticides or insecticides, or weedkillers, harvested by hand with sorting in the vineyard.

It is 50% rosé de saignée, where they let the light rosé wine bleed off the red wine tanks before fermentation, and 50% by direct press. Natural yeast fermentation, 304 months in tank et voila – summer in a bottle!

Affordable, delicious, refreshing, and dry, it’s everything you would want in a classic southern French rosé. Hints of melon, strawberry, guava and red fruits lead off on the nose and follow through on the palate. It’s clean and bright, with lovely fresh acidity and focus. Perfect all on its own on a warm summer’s eve, and perfect with salad nicoise, appetizers of all kinds, grilled veggie, charcuterie, all kinds of seafood, grilled shrimp, and so much more.



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