Domaine Bernard Gripa St. Joseph Cuvée Le Berceau 2013



Country: France

Region: Rhone, St. Joseph

Variety: Syrah

Terroir: granite soils

The Gripa family has been well-known and respected in the village of Mauves, located on the west bank of the Rhone, for generations. At the Domaine, the wine making traditions established generations ago are still respected in every aspect of the winemaking process today. Throughout the entire process, the Gripa’s work by hand ensuring organic vintification.

The Domaine is composed of 16 hectares, with 3.5 hectares being under the Saint-Péray appellation and the rest being under the Saint-Joesph appellation. The two cuvees from Saint Joseph are called "Berceau," the red of which is listed here. This complex, full bodied Syrah is made from the oldest vineyards of the Domaine and is meant to age more than 15 years, although it can be enjoyed right away as well. Clos Cachet


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