Bouchon Cabernet Sauvignon Superior 2018

This little gem from Bouchon winery, located in Sonoma County where it was established in the 1930s, totally hits the mark! It has a lovely deep ruby purple hue and leads off with aromas of crushed dark and red fruits on the nose, and on the palate it’s clean, balanced, medium-plus in body with bright, juicy character.

All this comes together to make this an easy to drink, food friendly wine that’s perfect with everything from burgers to pizza to nachos to grilled chicken and more, or drinking all on its own while watching the game.



Country: USA

Region: California – Monterey, Santa Cruz, Central Coast

Variety: 100% Cabernet Sauvignon

Bouchon Winery has been in operation since the 1930s in Sonoma County, California. For their Superior wines grapes are chosen from the best vineyard long-term contracted vineyard sites in Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Central Coast counties. These wines are made to be an homage to old world wines, honoring the traditions and methods of the past.


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