Azienda Agricola Terenzuola Vermentino Colli di Luni Vigne Basse 2020



Country: Italy

Region: Tuscany, Colli di Luni

Variety: 95% Vermentino, 5% Albarola

Terroir: Tuscan loam and clay soil

Winemaking: started with indigenous yeast by pied-du-cuve; skin contact in reduction from 24-48 hours maximum by parcel; after fermentation, the lots rest on the lees for 6 months before racking and bottling

Terenzuola is a winery based in Fosdinovo, and its 22 hectares of vineyards are spread over different territories between Liguria and Tuscany. From the Colli di Luni to Candia in marble quarries between Massa and Carrara, up to the terraces of the Cinque Terre.


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