Arrabbiata House Made Artisan Pasta Sauce 16oz

Arrabbiata This sauce originates from the Lazio region of Italy, the word “Arrabbiata” translates to “angry” which represents the spicy characteristic of the chili flake. Arrabbiata is made with tomato, garlic, and chili flakes. The sauce is 16oz and serves two people.


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The many of you who have joined us to enjoy Chef AJ’s incredible pasta plates with a glass (or two!) of wine know the unbelievable level of deliciousness we are talking about here. While we think everything that comes out of AJ’s kitchen is pretty spectacular, pasta just might be where his heart lies.
Trained and schooled in the Piedmont region of Italy where he did several stints at Michelin starred Ristorante Larossa in Alba, AJ has a passion for pasta. The success of his beloved ESO take out Pasta shop in Morristown is a testament to that. But a little known secret is that all of the Pasta at ESO is made right here, lovingly by hand, by AJ and his Fiancee Kristina. Today we are happy to announce that a selection of those very same pastas are now available for pick up right here in Perryville for you to enjoy in your own home!
What makes them so fantastic? Only the very best ingredients are used – mostly imported from Italy – hand crafted by AJ and Kristina and immediately flash frozen to keep them as fresh as the moment they were made. The sauces are a labor of love – again only the best ingredients, slow patient preparation and cooking, flash frozen for freshness.
All you have to do is heat and eat and you can bring a little bit of Italy home with you tonight!


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