Alexandre Sirech Vin de France Les Deux Terroirs 2020

Geek Wine Sunday is back with a phenomenal white wine from the land of D’artagnan and the three Musketeers – as well as foie gras, Perigord truffles and hearty southwest French cuisine. Here duck fat, not olive oil, is king and just about everything gets cooked in it, especially in the case of confit, a mainstay of Gascon farmhouse cooking, the duck itself.

But today’s wine offer is totally the opposite – a clean, crisp, bright white wine that qualifies for Geek wine Sunday for its off-the-beaten path origins and its unique blend of grapes grown in a single estate on the hillsides of Gascony.

The result is a perfect white for spring and summer, dry yet with a lovely green apple tinged fruit core, superb focus, and lively zippiness. At just 11% alcohol it is perfect for warm summer afternoons and evenings, and it is great with all kinds of mild seafood, sushi, salads, cheeses, charcuterie, and all on its own. In stock now!



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